What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the method of locating and researching actual search terms that people enter into search engines (ie google, yahoo, bing) when conducting a search. The keywords are then leveraged within content to achieve better rankings in the search engines. 

Watch the below video for an overview of keywords

keyword research


Let’s start with some methods for gathering keyword ideas using Google Instant and Ubersuggest. 

How to Find Keyword Ideas Using Google Instant

I’m sure you have used Google as a search tool. Have you ever noticed that when you type in a term, it pre-populates relevant terms?

Let’s look at the below example of searching the term iphone 6:


These pre-populated terms are actual terms that people are searching and Google recognizes that they are relevant to our initial search. This is what is known as Google Instant.

You can leverage Google Instant to search for relevant keywords to your niche by using the “alphabet soup technique”. This is where you type your search term followed by a letter of the alphabet.

Below is a demonstration using our search term “iphone 6” followed by the letter “a”


Let’s perform the search again ending with the letter “b”


Finally, let’s search the same term again ending with the letter “c”


Are you starting to see the potential of using this technique? There are numerous relevant keywords to our niche that we could develop content around. The possibilities are endless!

How to Find Keyword Ideas Using Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an excellent source to get keyword ideas. Once on the site, enter your term in the “query” field below, select your appropriate language, and click “Suggest”. We are going to search “iphone 6”.

keyword research


As you can see, our search resulted in numerous relevant keywords to our topic that we can then use to build content and achieve rankings..it’s that easy! 

keyword research


So now that we have our list of keyword ideas, where do we go from here?

Gathering keyword ideas is just the first step. You now need to use a reliable keyword tool to gather additional data to determine which keywords will rank high in the search engines and therefore, drive traffic to your site. I use Jaaxy due to its functionality and ease of use.

Ready to get started? Here we go!

How to Research Keywords With Jaaxy

To get started with Jaaxy, simply type in your keyword below to start your search.


The next step is to setup your account below and select “Create My Trial Account”. This will then display the results and will also give you access to 30 FREE searches. (Please note that the below screen shots are from my Jaaxy Pro account, your screen may look a bit different.)


Before we proceed however,  I’m sure you are asking, “what do the below headings represent?”


Below is an overview of each heading:

Keyword – The phrase that users type into the search engines to find what they are looking for.

Avg – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.

Traffic – The number of visits you can expect to receive per month if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines.

QSR – Quoted Search Results. This represents the number of competing websites ranked in the search engines for the same exact keyword.

KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. This reflects the quality of the keyword based upon the above criteria where green = excellent, yellow = average, red = poor.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This is a numeric score on a scale of 1 – 100 (higher is better) that is calculated based upon the traffic and QSR (competition). The higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page.

Domains – The domains (.com,.net,.org,.info) that are available for this keyword.

Related – Keywords that are related to your targeted keyword.

So back to our search. In order to achieve rankings in the search engines, you need to meet the following criteria with your keyword.

  1. Keyword must make sense – Your keyword must be grammatically correct in order to include in your content. Try to target key phrases longer than 2 words.
  2. QSR less than 300 – Ideally you want less than 300 competing websites in order achieve higher search engine rankings.
  3. 100 monthly search minimum – look for keywords with at least 100 monthly searches.

I’ve highlighted a keyword below, “new iphone 6 release date” that meets our criteria. It is an excellent keyword to build content around and will rank well in the search engines.


While having a keyword is important for SEO and driving traffic to your website, it is important to note that not all of the content has to be centered around a specific keyword. You should also just write for CONTENT as well as ultimately, you will rank in the search engines if it’s good quality.

What will occur is that after you have written alot of content for your website, you will begin to rank for keywords that you weren’t even targeting, which will increase TRAFFIC to your site. MORE CONTENT = MORE TRAFFIC..it’s that simple!

In closing, when you can implement keyword research techniques, you’ll be able to drive lots of potential customers to your website for FREE!

Are you ready to implement these keyword techniques but not sure where to start? Then check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate, which offers all the tools and training you need to launch your own online business. 

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please leave a comment below. Thanks!








8 Responses to Keyword Research

  1. Mary Somers says:

    Excellent article and very professional This is not meant as a criticism but are we allowed to promote competitors of Kyle and Carson’s Jaaxy. Just wondering. Thank you so much for your efforts.

    Mary Somers

    • Tony says:

      Hi Mary – I don’t see why you couldn’t promote a competitor of Jaaxy, especially if they offer an affiliate program. I would recommend writing a comparison review of Jaaxy and a competitor noting the positives and negatives of each in order for the reader to make an informed decision.

  2. Keith says:

    These are valuable tips for bloggers. Thanks for sharing them in a clear and easy way.
    I do use Jaaxy and find it my most valuable tool in choosing titles and content to write about. The related keyword generator is brilliant.
    Using google keywords is another easy way to see what is popular and trending.

    • Tony says:

      thank you for the feedback Keith. I agree that the related keyword tool in jaaxy is awesome as you can find keywords you wouldn’t normally think of. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing and I always get ideas for future content

  3. Cathy says:

    Nice article, you did a good job explaining what keyword research is. I think it’s best to try different keyword tool till you find the ones you are comfortable using. I had never heard of Ubersuggest before and will have to give it a try. However, your link wasn’t working, you may want to check on it. What keyword tool do you use most often?

    • Tony says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Cathy. I updated the link and related images. I use Jaaxy the most often as I believe it is the most comprehensive keyword research tool on the market today. It saves me a lot of time by being able to see related keywords, traffic, competition, and domains that I may want to purchase. I would highly recommend it.

  4. Rob S. says:

    Google instant is a great keyword tool. It really helps when it suggests additional keywords as you type in your keyword. The alphabet search is great too. Typing in the letters of the alphabet A-Z after your keyword is fantastic. I find the best keyword tool out there in addition to these is Jaaxy. If you’re running an internet business and writing a lot and need the ultimate keyword tool than get Jaaxy too! I love it!

    • Tony says:

      HI Rob, thanks for the comment. I agree that google instant is a great keyword tool, especially when using the alphabet soup technique. You can really get an idea of what people are searching for and can then enter these keywords into Jaaxy to see if it generates enough searches to write an article about. In my opinion, Jaaxy is an invaluable tool and saves a lot of time researching keywords. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in online marketing.

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