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Jaaxy Product Overview

Keyword research is an essential part of your online business as it represents free traffic from the search engines. Without keyword research, you are guessing at what people are searching for and wasting a lot of time.

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that not only identifies what the monthly search traffic is for a particular The Best SEO and Keyword Research Toolkeyword, it also calculates the monthly traffic you can expect to receive if ranked on the 1st page of the search engines as well as how many other websites are ranked for the same keyword.

Identifying competition is in my opinion the most important aspect of keyword research as if you are a newer website, you can target low hanging fruit keywords, which are keywords with less than 100 other websites ranked for the same keyword.

Targeting these keywords in your content gives you a much better chance of getting ranked on the first page of the search engines, which will lead to an increase in traffic to your site. Our goal should always be to continually increase traffic as this will lead to more revenue.

There are 3 subscription levels on Jaaxy – Free, Pro, and Enterprise


jaaxy membership options

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Free Account

The Free account is essentially a Free Trial where you are allowed up to 30 keyword searches. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the product and there is no risk to you as no credit card is required. The Best SEO and Keyword ResearchTool

You are also allowed 5 results per search using the alphabet soup search as well, which is the keyword + the letter of the alphabet. As an example, aquariums + a, aquariums + b, aquariums + c, etc.

There are other tools also available such as Site Rank Analysis, Affiliate Program Finder, and Brainstorm Idea Feed that I will discuss under the Tools & Training section.

Pro Account

The Pro account takes your keyword research to the next level as it offers UNLIMITED keyword searches and also displays 15 results for the Alphabet Soup Search. The speed in displaying results is also twice that of the Free account.

In my opinion, the most important tool in the Pro account that is not offered in the Free account is the The Best SEO and Keyword Research Toolkeyword competition, which displays the number of websites that are ranked for that keyword.

This is critical in your keyword research as knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword can help you target those low hanging fruit keywords with minimal competition, which increases your changes of getting ranked on the first page of the search engines. Without having this information, you are essentially rolling the dice and most likely will not select a keyword that will get ranked on the first page.

Another awesome feature of the Pro account is domain availability. This displays the domains (.com, .net, .org) available for that keyword. This is invaluable information as domain flipping is big business withThe Best SEO and Keyword ResearchTool sites such as Flippa.

Think of it as real estate where they are not making any more .com domains for a particular keyword, such as I suggest you check out the following case study as an example of the potential revenue from domain flipping. It’s awesome!

The Pro account is priced at $49 per month, which is an excellent deal in my opinion for all the tools that you receive. If you are serious about keyword research and online business, you will certainly offset the subscription cost in no time by increasing your monthly search traffic, which will lead to more revenue!

Enterprise Account

The Enterprise account is the premium subscription and offers significant upgrades over the Pro account in terms of speed, number of results displayed, the ability to sort results, and the number of searches you can perform at one time.

The speed is 5x faster than the Free account, which is awesome and will save you a lot of time in your keyword research. The platform is lightning fast and allows you to navigate quickly through the different tools.The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool

Along with the increased speed, you also get instant results for the competition (QSR) and domain availability. This is a huge upgrade over the Pro account where you have to manually click to see all the competition and domains available.

The ability to sort results is another significant upgrade over the Pro account as you can quickly determine if a keyword meets your criteria to write content around. This saves a lot of time in my opinion if you do a lot of keyword research.

Another significant upgrade over the Pro account is the alphabet soup search, which displays 50 results compared to 15 with the Pro account. This will give you a lot more ideas for keywords to search and drill down further.

Finally, the Enterprise account allows you to perform 5 separate keyword searches at one time, which is an upgrade over the Pro account that allows only 2 searches. Performing multiple searches at once for different keywords is a tremendous time saver and will definitely reduce the number of hours spent on this.

The Enterprise account is $99 per month, which in my opinion is worth the price for all the upgrades you receive over the Pro account.

If you are an online business owner that does a lot of keyword research and is looking to reduce the number hours spent doing it, then I would highly recommend the Enterprise account.


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Jaaxy Tools & Training

The tools and training available in Jaaxy are the most comprehensive in the industry in my opinion. Below is a screen shot of my Pro account. I will start with the Search tab and go over the different tools within this tab.

Jaaxy Keyword Tools

Keywords – The Most Important Tool

The keywords tool is the backbone of Jaaxy and is where you will enter your potential keywords to determine if they meet your criteria to write a page or post. This is the tool that will bring traffic and generate revenue for your site!

Let’s say we are interested in video games and want to write an article about buying video games online. Below I’ve entered the phrase “buy video games online”. 

Jaaxy returns the below data. Below is information on what each column represents.

jaaxy keyword tool


1) Keyword 

This is a phrase that someone has typed into a search engine to find what they are looking for. There are almost unlimited number of keyword combinations and phrases that people search for everyday. If you would like to learn more about keywords click here.

2) Avg

This represents the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month in the search engines. This is an important indicator of how popular the keyword is.

3) Traffic

The traffic statistic is the estimated number of visitors to your website per month if you were to achieve page 1 rankings in the search engines. There are 10 spots on page 1.

There are a number of factors on whether someone will click on your site such as your title and description. Having a interesting and unique title and description to differentiate yourself from other sites will certainly help.

4) QSR (Quoted Search Result)

This is an extremely important metric as it represents your competition. The lower the number the better as it will increase your chances of ranking on page 1. Think about when you search for something. How often do you go to page 2 in the search results? I bet it is not often.

As a guideline, under 300 is considered a medium-competition keyword and under 200 is a low competition keyword. My advice for a new website is to target keywords with under 100 competition since you need to first establish authority with the search engines before you can be ranked over more established sites.

5) KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

The keyword quality indicator is a broad index of determining whether a keyword is good to target and has a high chance of ranking. Jaaxy uses a stoplight system for this where green is great, yellow is good, and red is poor.

How this is determined is a trade secret, however it gives you a quick overview of whether a keyword is worth targeting.

6) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

This is the SEO power, which is a scale from 1-100 that tells you how likely you are to rank on the first page for the keyword. The higher the score, the more likely you are to rank on the first page. It is a metric based on traffic and completion and also contributes to determining the KQI.

As a word of advice, longer keywords will have a higher SEO power than shorter ones as they are more specific to a search and therefore will have less competition. When starting a new site, targeting longer keywords will increase your chances in getting ranked on the first page.  

7) Domains

This feature will tell you the domains available for the actual keyword. This is awesome if you are creating a new site as exact match domain keywords still rank well in the search engines! It’s also a great tool for someone with a business domain flipping, creates a lot of niche websites for themselves or builds websites for others as it saves time in not having to open another browser window to search for available domains in the registrar. 

8) Related

This column represents related keywords that people have searched for that pertain to your keyword. It is a great way to find keywords that you may not have thought of and allows you to drill down further to find even more awesome keywords. I’ve used this feature quite often to find some great low hanging fruit keywords in niches I was researching, which has led to increased traffic.

Alphabet Soup

The next tool within the search function is the alphabet soup. If you are familiar with the alphabet soup technique in keyword research, it takes your keyword and pairs it with every letter of the alphabet to get relevant search terms. It’s a really cool feature that provides a ton of keywords that you may not have even though of.

For this example, I will use our same search term buy video games online. If I search for this, it will give me results for the following:

  • buy video games online + a…
  • buy video games online + b…
  • etc all though to z…

As you can see, there are a number of related keywords just under the letter “A”. You can drill down even further by selecting the “Search on this” tool next to any of these keywords to find even more related keywords! 

These related searches are great for ideas for content and creating post titles. Based upon the below search, we could create tiles like:

  • Where To Buy Video Game Accessories Onine
  • How To Buy And Sell Video Games Online
  • The Best Place To Buy A Video Game Console Online

alphabet soup technique


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Saved Lists

The saved list tool is helpful in organizing your keywords into categories. You can create list names, much like folders on your computer, and organize them however you like. I like to organize mine by the niche I am working on. It’s easy to create a keyword list. Just check the box next to your keyword and select “Save to List”.  You can then create a new list or save to an existing list.

keyword list


keywrod list


Once you have your lists, you can export them as a .txt file or .csv (spreadsheet). This is a great tool if you want to sell your lists. Keywords = $ and are extremely valuable in creating organic traffic to a website! People will pay for these lists and you could create a business just by selling keywords.

keyword list

Search History

The search history tool is a nice feature as it tracks your keyword searches. Sometimes I will forget to save good keywords to my lists and this certainly helps you look back to ensure you don’t miss any. It also gives you the search type (keyword search, alphabet soup, etc), details of the search (phrase, URL, search engine) and date of the search.

Search Analysis

The search analysis tool is excellent for finding out who your competition is and what they are doing to achieve rankings in the search engines. In the below example I searched the keyword buy video games online.

 jaaxy review - the best SEO and keyword research tool

If you click on the “View Details” button, it will give you metrics such as word count, links on site (internal and external links) and back links (number of sites that link back to the site). This is great information to see what your completion is doing to rank, and what you can do to outrank them.

An example is if their word count is 1500, you could write an article with 2000 words. The search engines like longer articles and this will help you gain site trust with the search engines. Eventually you could become an authority site, which will increase your rankings for other content on your site as well.

It is also beneficial as it shows what they are NOT doing. An example would be if there are no You Tube videos ranking, you could create one. You Tube content ranks well in the search engines so this would rank easily.

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Affiliate Programs

This feature searches the most popular affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Link Share, and Click Bank for affiliate programs within your niche. This is helpful if you are unsure how to find affiliate programs as it consolidates them in one area, however I find it limiting.

You can actually use Google to find a lot more affiliate programs by typing the keyword + affiliate program (such as video games + affiliate program). This is how I locate affiliate programs as well as other affiliate networks. It’s what works for me so I will stick with Google.

Jaaxy - the best keyword and SEO tool


This shows what is trending on websites such as Google, Amazon and Twitter and what people are searching for. Most of these topics are related to entertainment, politics or new technology, which may not be relevant to your niche. Personally, I rarely use this tool as most often the topics are not relevant to my niche. If you are someone that is seeking a niche or a hot topic to write about however, it may be beneficial.

Jaaxy - the best SEO and keyword research tool 

Site Rank – New for 2017

The site rank tool was added in 2017 and in my opinion, is one of the most useful updates as it will save you a lot of time in tracking your rankings. It basically shows you the rankings for your keywords in the top 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As an example, I am currently ranked #4 in Google for Jaaxy Review The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool, #10 in Bing and #16 in Yahoo. I’ve read that Yahoo and Bing rank higher for keyword stuffing, which is essentially incorporating your keyword often throughout your content. I do not do this as my writing style is natural.

If you were to find your site rank manually, you would need to open a separate window, type your keyword, and find your ranking in the search engines. Who has time to do that? Certainly not me!

jaaxy review - the best SEO and keyword research tool

Another great feature within the site rank is the auto keyword tracking tool. With the Pro account that I use, it allows you to set the tracking frequency from twice a week, weekly, twice a month or monthly. This gives you a great indicator of your rankings over time. It’s almost like watching a stock chart!  

Below are my stats for the keyword Review The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool. As you can see, my position changed from 3 to 4 in Google from 10/18 to 10/19. This is common for your rankings to bounce around.

jaaxy review the best SEO and Keyword Research Tool


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The auto tracking tool is also useful if you were flipping domains or building websites for clients and wanted to show how the site’s rankings had improved over time. Business is performance-based and results matter, so it’s great to have tangible evidence to show a client or prospective domain buyer.

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy  – Worth the Money?

This is the most important question – is Jaaxy worth the money? In business, especially working for yourself, you need to decide whether a product will help you earn more revenue than what it costs. This is especially true if it is a product with a monthly fee.

The bottom line is – keywords will never go away. They are what people search for millions of times everyday. Think about how often you use Google to search for something such as a product review or the best place to buy it. I know I use it multiple times everyday. Keywords are the driving factor for online commerce.

A single keyword can be worth thousands of dollars per year for your business. As an example, here is a post from Wealthy Affiliate member Nathaniell, who earns $300 per month from a single post targeting a single keyword. Based upon these monthly earnings, that would be $3,600 per year, which would offset the cost of even the $99 monthly fee for the Enterprise membership. That is just 1 post. Think about the revenue potential for multiple keywords? The sky is the limit!

The other factor I look at is the time savings. We all have only 24 hours in a day, so being able to shave off even a few hours a week spent researching keywords and site rankings is money well spent in my book. This allows me more time to create content for my site, which will attract more visitors and therefore generate more revenue.


Try Jaaxy for Free

Now that you have an idea of what Jaaxy has to offer, why not give it a try? You get 30 FREE searches without handing over your credit card. Find your own awesome keywords that will make you money.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments below. thanks!

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2 Responses to Jaaxy Review – The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool

  1. Steve & Kris says:

    I am a Jaaxy user and I can’t say enough good things about it. I love the keyword search and all of the metrics that come with it. You can hone a niche you are thinking about getting into. There are a lot of great features as you mentioned. I really like the Brainstorm feature, saving lists of keywords, and the search traffic. I love that you can put basically any idea in and drill down on the results. I often find keywords that I didn’t even think of. Anyway, I think your review is spot on and a lot of people can really benefit from a Jaaxy membership.

    • Tony says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Steve & Kris. Jaaxy has certainly saved me a lot of time in researching keywords and monitoring my site rankings so I can focus more on creating content. Being able to drill down to find keywords you wouldn’t think of is a great feature and gives me plenty of ideas for new posts. If you’re serious about creating an online business, Jaaxy is the most comprehensive keyword tool on the market and is well worth the investment.

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