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Jaaxy Product Overview

Keyword research is an essential part of your online business as it represents free traffic from the search engines. Without keyword research, you are guessing at what people are searching for and wasting a lot of time.

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that not only identifies what the monthly search traffic is for a particular The Best SEO and Keyword Research Toolkeyword, it also calculates the monthly traffic you can expect to receive if ranked on the 1st page of the search engines as well as how many other websites are ranked for the same keyword.

Identifying competition is in my opinion the most important aspect of keyword research as if you are a newer website, you can target low hanging fruit keywords, which are keywords with less than 100 other websites ranked for the same keyword.

Targeting these keywords in your content gives you a much better chance of getting ranked on the first page of the search engines, which will lead to an increase in traffic to your site. Our goal should always be to continually increase traffic as this will lead to more revenue.

There are 3 subscription levels on Jaaxy – Free, Pro, and Enterprise

The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool


Free Account

The Free account is essentially a Free Trial where you are allowed up to 30 keyword searches. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the product and there is no risk to you as no credit card is required. The Best SEO and Keyword ResearchTool

You are also allowed 5 results per search using the alphabet soup search as well, which is the keyword + the letter of the alphabet. As an example, aquariums + a, aquariums + b, aquariums + c, etc.

There are other tools also available such as Site Rank Analysis, Affiliate Program Finder, and Brainstorm Idea Feed that I will discuss under the Tools & Training section.

Pro Account

The Pro account takes your keyword research to the next level as it offers UNLIMITED keyword searches and also displays 15 results for the Alphabet Soup Search. The speed in displaying results is also twice that of the Free account.

In my opinion, the most important tool in the Pro account that is not offered in the Free account is the The Best SEO and Keyword Research Toolkeyword competition, which displays the number of websites that are ranked for that keyword.

This is critical in your keyword research as knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword can help you target those low hanging fruit keywords with minimal competition, which increases your changes of getting ranked on the first page of the search engines. Without having this information, you are essentially rolling the dice and most likely will not select a keyword that will get ranked on the first page.

Another awesome feature of the Pro account is domain availability. This displays the domains (.com, .net, .org) available for that keyword. This is invaluable information as domain flipping is big business withThe Best SEO and Keyword ResearchTool sites such as Flippa.

Think of it as real estate where they are not making any more .com domains for a particular keyword, such as I suggest you check out the following case study as an example of the potential revenue from domain flipping. It’s awesome!

The Pro account is priced at $19 per month or $199 per year, which is an excellent deal in my opinion for all the tools that you receive. If you are serious about keyword research and online business, you will certainly offset the subscription cost in no time by increasing your monthly search traffic, which will lead to more revenue!

Enterprise Account

The Enterprise account is the premium subscription and offers significant upgrades over the Pro account in terms of speed, number of results displayed, the ability to sort results, and the number of searches you can perform at one time.

The speed is 5x faster than the Free account, which is awesome and will save you a lot of time in your keyword research. The platform is lightning fast and allows you to navigate quickly through the different tools.The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool

Along with the increased speed, you also get instant results for the competition (QSR) and domain availability. This is a huge upgrade over the Pro account where you have to manually click to see all the competition and domains available.

The ability to sort results is another significant upgrade over the Pro account as you can quickly determine if a keyword meets your criteria to write content around. This saves a lot of time in my opinion if you do a lot of keyword research.

Another significant upgrade over the Pro account is the alphabet soup search, which displays 50 results compared to 15 with the Pro account. This will give you a lot more ideas for keywords to search and drill down further.

Finally, the Enterprise account allows you to perform 5 separate keyword searches at one time, which is an upgrade over the Pro account that allows only 2 searches. Performing multiple searches at once for different keywords is a tremendous time saver and will definitely reduce the number of hours spent on this.

The Enterprise account is $49 per month or $499 per year (save $89), which in my opinion is worth the price for all the upgrades you receive over the Pro account.

If you are an online business owner that does a lot of keyword research and is looking to reduce the number hours spent doing it, then I would highly recommend the Enterprise account.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

The tools and training available in Jaaxy are the most comprehensive in the industry in my opinion. Below is a screen shot of my Pro account. I will start with the Search tab and go over the different tools within this tab.

The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool


The keywords tool is the backbone of Jaaxy and is where you will enter your potential keywords to determine if they meet your criteria to write a page or post.






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