Today I’m going to discuss how to increase traffic to your website by targeting low hanging fruit keywords, which are low competition keywords with less than 100 other websites ranked for the same keyword.. First, we will identify some potential keyword phrases using the alphabet soup technique with Google Instant.

Alphabet Soup Technique With Google Instant

Google Instant uses an algorithm that pre-populates relevant search terms when you begin typing in a phrase. You can leverage this to find potential low hanging fruit keywords using the alphabet soup technique. This is done by typing in a phrase and then a corresponding letter of the alphabet.

Let’s try this by searching for “how to lose weight” then the letter “a”

how to lose weight

“How to lose weight as a teen” looks like an interesting topic, let’s input this into Jaaxy to see what it shows for competition.

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Researching Low Hanging Fruit Keywords With Jaaxy

So now that we have our potential low hanging fruit keyword, let’s input it in Jaaxy to see what it shows for results.

Jaaxy Search

As you can see, the QSR, which is the quoted search results or competing pages for this keyword, is under 100, which makes this an excellent keyword to development content around in order to achieve rankings in the search engines and increase traffic to our site.

It may not seem like much traffic, however if you continue to target these low hanging fruit keywords, your website traffic will increase exponentially as you are indexed for various keywords in the search engines. Remember, more content = more traffic!

Now that we have our low hanging fruit keyword, we will now create content with a page or post.

Creating Content For Low Hanging Fruit Keyword

It’s time to create the actual content for our keyword in a page or post. Here are some tips for building content around our keyword.

1. Include Keyword in Title – You will want to include the keyword in the title as this is what people will see when your page is displayed in the search results. Along with the keyword, you should also include some additional language to make your title more enticing so that it stands out. An example is “How to Lose Weight As A Teen – 10 Steps” This makes your site more appealing as a visitor would want to learn what the 10 steps are.

2. Include Keyword in First Paragraph –  Along with the keyword in the title, you should also include the keyword within the first paragraph of your content as well. Be careful not to “keyword stuff” your content as Google will recognize this and penalize you in the rankings.

3. Write Naturally – Once you incorporate your keyword, write naturally as if you are speaking directly to the visitor. Also make use of headings such as h2 and h3 to break up your content and preview what you will be writing about in the next section. No one likes to read a block of text so by breaking up your content, it makes it more visually appealing to the reader.

4. Use Images – Images are great to use in order to break up your text and make it easer to read. Please use these sparingly though. I normally incorporate just a few images in my content to emphasize a topic.

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I hope this has helped you locate your own low hanging fruit keywords in order to increase traffic to your site. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please leave a comment below and I will respond. Thanks!

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2 Responses to How to Increase Traffic to My Website – Low Hanging Fruit Technique

  1. Efi Azulay says:

    Love the site.
    You helped me so much after reading this page.
    What a great information.
    I never thought to use “Alphabet Soup Technique With Google Instant”
    I already find what I’m going to write on my new post.
    I already shared your sit with my friends.
    Keep up with your great work you are doing here.

    • Tony says:

      Hi Efi,
      I appreciate the comment and am glad you were able to learn something from my post. The Alphabet Soup Technique is certainly a great way to find keyword phrases that people are searching for in order to drive more traffic to your site. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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