how to earn online incomeHow to earn online income – that is the goal of many of us that dream of working for ourselves with the flexibility of making our own hours and spending more time with our families. I know that is my goal to transition from a corporate America 9 to 5 job to doing something I love.

So how do we turn our dream into reality?

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where a business will reward an affiliate for sales generated through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Essentially, you (the affiliate) are recommending products to visitors to your site and if these visitors purchase a product through a 3rd party link, such as Amazon, you will receive a commission for the sale.

Please see the below illustration that outlines the process of earning money online.

how to earn online income

How Do I Get Started?

Choose an Interest

What is your hobby? What are you passionate about? There a millions of ideas that you can turn into a successful online business. Let’s say that your passion is model trains. This is an excellent niche and could be quite profitable considering there are 2.8 billion people online.

So what is a niche? It is simply a group of people looking for something. Find a niche that you will enjoy writing content about as this will be the basis for the next step, creating a website.

Build a Website

Building a website is very simple now and you do not need a computer science degree to get your site up and running in mere minutes! This will be the framework of our business and where we will create content to attract visitors to our site.

In our example, the theme for our website will be model trains so we could create product reviews and also provide tips for constructing a model train set.  For more information, check out my build a website page.

Attract Visitors

Your primary goal before making money is to have people visit to your site. This is critical since without visitors, there is no business.

In order to attract visitors, you need to know what people are looking for in the search engines such as Google and Bing, which is done through keyword research. Using the keyword research techniques will result in an abundance of traffic through increased rankings in the search engines.

More People = More Earnings Opportunity!

Earn Revenue

Once you have generated consistent traffic to your site, you can now earn income by promoting products and services through affiliate programs, which are special programs that pay you (the affiliate) for sending traffic to the company’s website, which can be a commission up to 75% if your visitor purchases something.

There are thousands of affiliate programs available and millions of products and services to promote. Amazon’s affiliate program is an excellent choice due to the wide variety of products available. We could certainly join this program to promote our model trains website.

The best part of all…joining affiliate programs is FREE!

How Do I Launch My Business?

The tools and training to launch your online business are available at my #1 recommended training site, Wealthy Affiliate. For more information, check out my review here.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond. Congratulations on taking the first step in your online business. I wish you success!

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