how to choose a niche online

So you’re ready to choose a niche for your website but are stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, below are some tips and websites to help you on how to choose a niche online.


Amazon is an excellent resource to research niches. To view the full scope of products available, select “Shop by Department” then “Full Store Directory”.

how to choose a niche online

The full store directory is now displayed with a wide variety of niches to choose from. Let’s say were interested in fishing. We would select the “Hunting & Fishing” link under “Sports & Outdoors”.

how to choose a niche online

From there, click on the Fishing icon below.

how to choose a niche online

On the left hand side of the page, we can now see sub niches within the fishing niche. Let’s say we are interested in fly fishing. We would then click on the  “Fly Fishing” link.

how to choose a niche online

Once we click on the “Fly Fishing” link, we are presented with even more sub niches within the fishing niche. Let’s assume we are interested in flies that are used for fly fishing. You can actually build an entire website just around this! Just click on the link for “Flies”.

how to choose a niche online

Flies is actually a niche by itself, and we can actually drill down even further within this niche for either dry flies or wet flies. Let’s select “Dry Flies”.

how to choose a niche online

You should now see a listing of all the dry flies available on Amazon. If you are promoting products through the Amazon Associates program, an excellent resource to view products with the highest sales is to select the link for “See all best sellers in Fly Fishing Dry Flies”.

how to choose an niche online

We can now view the dry flies with the highest amount of sales on Amazon. This is updated hourly as indicated below and is an invaluable resource in determining which products to promote on our site that will generate the highest commissions.

how to choose a niche online is another excellent source to research potential niches for your business. Once on the site, you will see a directory of broad niches such as arts, business, and health. We certainly do not want to create a website around such broad niches as it would take years and a writing staff to try to cover all the topics within the niche!

We are going to drill down further to find sub niches within a niche in order to target a specific audience. Let’s say we are interested in music. We would select “Music” below within the “Arts” category.

how to choose a niche online

You should now see some of the below subcategories within the music niche. Music is such a broad niche so we will need to drill down even further. Let’s say we are interested in drumming. We will then select the below “Instruments” category. We are getting closer to reaching our target audience!

how to choose a niche online

We are now within the instruments subcategory. Since we are interested in drumming, let’s select the “Percussion” subcategory below.

how to choose a niche online

Since drums is such a broad niche, we should probably focus on a specific type of drum within the niche. The results below show some different types of drums for which we could build a website for. Steelpan drums would be a great option and we can certainly develop a niche website around promoting products and services for steelpan drums.

how to choose a niche online

In conclusion..

As you can see, there are a vast number of untapped sub niches available for which you can monetize by creating your very own website. By doing a few minutes of research, you can narrow your focus to a sub niche that is manageable and also one you can become an authority on by creating continuous quality content on your site.

Once you begin publishing quality content on a regular basis, this is when you develop trust with your site visitors and can begin promoting products and services in order to monetize your site. 

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2 Responses to How To Choose A Niche Online

  1. Efi Azulay says:

    Hi Tony,
    I love this page, you gave me so much information and knowledge how to choose my next niche.
    When I start my first web page I struggled what niche to choose, eventually, I chose a niche that I familiar with.
    But if I have all the information that you mention here I defiantly had chosen a different niche.
    Keep up with the great work.
    Already sent this page to my friends 🙂

    • Tony says:

      Thanks for the feedback Efi. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find a niche but Amazon and DMOZ will definitely give you some great ideas for content. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

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