Today I’m going to discuss how to use header tags effectively for SEO. Your header tags are essential for SEO as the search engines will recognize these as keywords relevant to your content when crawling your site, which will lead to rankings. 


How to Use Header Tags

Header tags serve a few purposes:

  • They allow you to organize your content in a logical manner that will make it easier for the viewer to read. No one likes to read a sea of text!
  • Denotes keywords that will be recognized by the search engines for SEO, which will lead to rankings.

Your header tags should be sequential starting with the h1 tag. Most themes will show your page or post title as an h1 tag. Once you have your targeted keywords, include them within the h1 tag and be sure they are relevant to your content. 

The h2 is your subheading so include relevant keywords in this tag as well. The h3 tag is a subheading of the h2 tag and so forth. You should view the header tags as a hierarchy based upon importance. There are also h4, h5 and h6 tags, however for SEO purposes you should just focus on the first three as they have the most value.

Keyword Stuffing = Negative Rankings

Be sure not include too many keywords within your header tags as the search engines will recognize this as “keyword stuffing” and manipulation, which will raise a red flag and impact your rankings! 

Below is an example of content layout using header tags:

Tuna Fishing Techniques  (H1)

(Include a short description of the page/post if desired)

Trolling  (H2)

(Include a short description of the subsection)

Rods and Reels (H3)

(Include a few paragraphs of content)

Chunking (H2)

(Include a short description of the subsection)

Types of Bait (H3)

(Include a few paragraphs of content)

As you can see, I have organized my headers in sequential order so that the search engines will identify “Tuna Fishing Techniques” (H1) as my most important header in my content. Within the headers, I will include relevant keywords that will generate the most traffic according to my search using Jaaxy

How Does Header Coding Appear?

The <h1> through <h6> tags are utilized to define HTML headings where <h1> indicates the most important heading and <h6> indicates the least important heading. Please remember that your h1 tag is your most important tag so please ensure that each page has an h1 tag. The coding will appear as follows:

H1 Tag Code – <h1>

H2 Tag Code – <h2>

H3 Tag Code – <h3>

H4 Tag Code – <h4>

H5 Tag Code – <h5>

H6 Tag Code – <h6>

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I hope this gave you some insight on how to properly use header tags. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will respond. thanks!





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